Divots Volleyball Rules and Guidelines

Player Participation: Every team participant must sign the team waiver/roster or they will not be allowed to play. Players may only play on the team for which they have signed up and may not play/sign for/with another team in the same league/night. There are a maximum number of 12 players allowed on your roster. Teams can drop a player(s) and add a player(s) up to two (2) weeks before tournament. The added player must play at least 2 league games to be able to participate in the tournament. If players are added, request the player add form from the Sandbar. New players must read the rules and guidelines and sign the roster. This states they understand and will follow the rules and guidelines.

Co-ed Team Size: Two guys cannot line up next to each other. Spots between guys must be filled in with a ghost player. There is no limit of the number of women that can play at one time. You must start the game with a minimum of four players, and fill in with "ghost players".

Ghost Players: Teams that are short players must designate a spot in their serving rotation for a "ghost player". The space(s) is where the other player would play in the rotation if he/she were present. When the "ghost player" rotates to the serving position, the team will automatically lose their serve and the other team would gain a point. If a team were 2 players short, they would play with two "ghost players". Players arriving late may automatically take over the "ghost players" position after a side out.

Sportsmanship: While you are visiting and partaking in any event at Divots, sportsmanlike conduct is expected. Unsportsmanship behavior may result in a player/team being suspended/removed from leagues/tournaments. Please respect other teams, players, and Divots staff. Use appropriate language.

Forfeits: Please come in early if you want to get a drink, warm up, or get a table. Teams without the minimum number of players on the court 10 min after the scheduled time of the game will be forced to forfeit the first set. Entire game is forfeited after 20 min. If you know that you or your team will be late or cannot make it that night, team captains must let the other team and Divots staff know ASAP so that all parties are informed.

Game: Coin Toss for Serve or Side (Joust). Teams will rotate after the completion of each set. All three sets will play rally scoring to 25 points, toss coin again for side or serve. Play continues to 25 points or until a two-point advantage is reached. Teams must switch courts when one team reaches 13 points. The winning team captains are responsible for recording scores to the Sandbar Bartender on duty. If no score is recorded, then no team gets credit towards tournament placement. Winning team gets one pitcher of beer for a penny or a pitcher pop for free. This is limited to one pitcher of beer or pop per night, even if the team has more than one win. Free pitchers are NOT transferable to another night. If there is a question on a play or call and no decision can be worked out, then replay the serve.

- Anyone may return the ball directly over
- Blocking a serve is illegal
- Call out score before serving
- 5 serve rule- no loss of point when serve changes
- If more than one hit, ball must be touched by a female play
- Net serves should be played
- Back row players may not attack within 10 feet of the net

Timeouts: Each team is entitled to no longer than a 5 min break in between sets and a 10 min in between games. Each team also gets 2 timeouts per game. If the opposing team is ready to play, and on the court, try to keep your break, between sets and games, as short as possible.

Player Injury: Please be respectful of teams and injured players. Help remove injured player and if able, continue to play game in a timely manor. If an injury needs medical attention please inform Sandbar staff immediately.

Ball "In": The ball is "in" when it hits inside or on the boundary lines. Players may go outside of boundary lines to hit the ball, but they cannot enter into the boundaries of another court with a game already in progress.

Ball "Out": A ball is "out" when the part of the ball which contacts the sand is completely outside the boundary line, touches of rope, wire, post, fence, etc. If the ball enters another court during another game then the ball is considered out. Please yell "Ball!" to other teams if it goes into another court to prevent injury. If the ball interferes with a teams play a replay of point should take place. Please try to control the ball during your warm-ups to prevent these replays.

Net Play: Back row players cannot block or attempt to block within 10 feet of the net. A player may block across the net if opposing team has finished attack. The ball sent to the opponent's court must go over the net. The ball may touch the net. Net serves do count and should be played. Body contact with the net is a fault, even when a player's momentum caused him/her to make contact with the net. Please make calls on yourself or on others if needed. PLEASE BE HONEST!

Team Hits: The team is entitled to a maximum of three hits (in addition to blocking) for returning the ball. If more are used, the team commits the fault of "Four hits". The hits of the team include not only intentional hits, but also unintentional hits. A player may not hit the ball two times consecutively. The ball may touch any part of the body. If the ball goes off the foot while the foot is PLANTED it is a playable ball. (NO KICKING THE BALL) The ball must be hit, not caught and/or thrown. The ball may touch various parts of the body only if the contact takes play simultaneously. Block and then pass (bump) is acceptable.

Faults in playing the ball (side out):
- Four hits
- Back row player spikes the ball within 10 feet of the net
- Catch/throw of the ball
- Double contact; hits ball twice or ball contacts various parts of body in succession
- Not using a female on one of the three hits (unless over a first hit)
- Illegal rotation (subs made anywhere other than the middle back)
- Hitting the ball while out of bounds

Blocking: Blocking is the action of players close to the net trying to intercept the ball coming from the opponent's side. A block contact is not counted as a team hit, and a team is entitled to three hits to return the ball. The first hit after the block may be executed by any player, including the player who blocked the ball.

Please remember to keep the courts clean and to show appreciation and support to the servers and bartenders!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines. We appreciate it!!! Please let us know how we can serve you better. *Divots reserves the right to change rules and guidelines as necessary*